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We (Lee and Amy) are a happily married couple who share many passions, including singing, teaching, and photography!  We have been together in Northern Colorado for over a decade, where both sets of parents and many friends still reside.  We absolutely love it here, and with so much sun and beautiful scenery, it's a great place to do photography too!  However, we love to travel too and are available for destination weddings anywhere!


Here are three things that set us apart as photographers:

1) We focus on capturing genuine moments, not directing artificial ones. We want you to have a great time with us, feel comfortable, and be yourself. We strongly believe that the most cherished images come from reality.
2) Because we earnestly seek to capture the best parts of your reality, we specialize in candid shots. We love to give you some space to be yourself, and hopefully you even forget your picture is being taken!
3) Two heads are better than one. We are a creative team, and our collaboration allows us to achieve an even better result than if it was just one of us. Having a team also allows us to be in two places at once, giving us more angles and experiences to work with. You are part of our team too! We welcome and encourage your ideas, because the ideas you are most excited about are probably going to look best on camera!

Professional photography and design services by Freeman Photography have succeeded in national competition, have been featured on Denver 7 News, and have been used and appreciated by multiple Fortune 500 companies and countless individuals and families.

We hope to work with you soon! Thank you for visiting our website


God Bless,

Lee and Amy